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January 20, 2014



I'm surprised this Pokémon hasn't been subjected to rule 34 like Lopunny and Gardevoir have.

...That was a weird way to open an article.

December 27, 2013



For being such a randomly insignificant detail, I can always recall one specific praise I made of Whimsicott a couple years ago.  I remember singing its praises for how traditional it looked.  What does that mean? I guess I thought it looked like a stereotypical Pokémon - the little body, the cute puffy eyes, the big smile - all the ingredients of a perfect stuffed animal.

December 9, 2013

TOP 5 Favourable Changes in Pokémon X and Y

Was there ever any doubt?
Courtesy of That-Smug-Leaf
on DeviantArt!
It should go without saying that the Pokémon franchise has been largely formulaic and the same sort of game over and over again.  I still remember the hype going around the launches of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, as well as Black and White more recently - the buzzword for Sinnoh was "Wifi-enabled."  The buzzword for Unova was "Animated Battles."  The buzzword could've also been "Smugleaf" in some arguments, but let's follow the canon for now.