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July 30, 2010



Damn you, you nose-picking caveman...

The number generator came out with the number 289...Oh dear God...
Ugh, the nightmares are coming back to me...The nightmares of shitting myself over trying to fight these things in Hoenn...


"Masquerain used Stun Spore!"

"The foe's Slaking is paralyzed! It may not be able to move!"

"Slaking used Facade!"

"Masquerain fainted!"

"Swellow used Aerial Ace!"
"Critical Hit!"

"Slaking used Facade!"

"Swellow fainted!"

"Rayquaza used Outrage!"
"Slaking hung on due to its hacked Stats!"

"Slaking used Facade!"

"Rayquaza fainted!"

"...Wait, what?"


Yeah, Slaking was a pain back then. Unless you can find a way to magically 0HKO it, good luck surviving, unless your Pokemon is the best of the best. Having stats comparable to Groudon himself, it's no surprise that Slaking is a Offensive killer! And as much as they piss me off, it definitely is a good option to have Slaking on a team, but is best used in double battles with a Skill Swapper. Even with its horrible ability, this Pokemon is a force that can rip holes through a team if you aren't prepared.


- 150 (Very High)

- 160 (Legendary)

- 100 (Above Average)

- 95 (Above Average)

- 65 (Below Average)

- 100 (Above Average)

- 670 (Very High)


Oh my God, the only thing that pisses me off more about this lazyass gorilla than its hacked stats, is its monstrous movepool. This beast's Physical movepool is (JEEZ, WHO WOULD'VE F&@KING GUESSED...?) huge! It can learn the elemental reliability attacks, like Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, and Ice Beam. It can learn Hammer Arm, Shadow Claw, Focus Blast, Aerial Ace (?), Solarbeam, the elemental punches, Slack Off, Focus Punch, Gunk Shot, Fury Cutter, Curse, Pursuit, Slash, Crush Claw, Body Slam, YOU NAME IT; IT CAN LEARN IT. This spoiled brat has a monstrous HP stat and good Defenses, and can compliment those stats with its reliable recovery. Ridiculous... =/

Anyway, here's an example of this ungrateful primate's In-Game moveset:


(Slaking's 2nd most reliable STAB! Giga Impact is the best, but the PP capacity isn't good for In-Game.)

(Get this when it's still a Vigoroth. Since you'll only be attacking every second turn, the High Crit-Rate is useful for in-game.)

(This monkey has been blessed with reliable recovery. Abuse it like there's no tomorrow.)

(Aerial Ace has full accuracy, and can hit Fighting-Types hard. However, with STAB added to Return, it'll end up being stronger. Shadow Claw can take out Psychics. It also takes direct advantage of Focus Energy. Rock Slide can give some coverage against Flying, Bug, Fire, and Ice-type targets. Also good for Double Battles, seeing as it hits both enemies.)


This set takes advantage of every notable aspect of Slaking's battle style. Easy, reliable STAB, The chance to hit double damage, a reliable recovery, and some type coverage. It's a simple and fun In-Game set, but it's not the best choice for this Couch Potato. Slaking can utilize a stall set, a Trickster set, a Physical Sweeper set, a Mixed Sweeper set, and a perfect coverage set. Yeah, it can do a lot. I have a feeling I'm going to have a lot of typing ahead of me...



SLACK OFF (Your reliable recovery. Perfect for stalling!)

(The staple for 90% of all stall sets. Just defend yourself well, and let Toxic work its magic.)

(Perfect for the Stall set, and is what makes it viable.)

(Toxic can't hit Poison and Steel-types, right? Earthquake sure can!)

I have never used Slaking in my life. Not once. But because of Truant hindering it, this seems like the most viable set. Use Block to trap the opponent, then poison it, and just fill in with earthquake, using Slack Off when you need to.

The only three Pokemon that would throw off this strategy is Skarmory, seeing as it's immuned to Poisoning AND Earthquake, Bronzong with Levitate, for the same reasons, and Posion Heal Breloom would make it harder, but not impossible. Because of Truant, you'll only be moving every second turn, so keep in mind, when using Slaking, that prediction is very important.


SLACK-IN-THE-BOX (Trickster Set):

SWAGGER (Confuses the opponent, at the expense of a sharp raise in their Attack.)

(If you need some adjusting to fit the Swagger boost, then Bulk Up is the choice for you. For added survivability, use Slack Off.)

(The Attack Boost from Swagger will tempt the use of a Physical Attack. Bounce that power back at them TWICE as hard with Counter.)

(Mainly used for coverage against Ghosts, which Counter can't hit. Either one is fine, seeing as you'll rarely see a difference between the two.)



This set is, as of yet, untested. It looks pretty nice on paper though, huh? :)
Swagger up the opponent, adjust with Bulk up or protect yourself with Slack Off, and Counter a predicted Physical Attack. If not, using Shadow Claw or Night Slash for hard hitting is great too! Don't really much else to say. It's untested, as I said, so all there is left to do is see if someone tries it, and see how it fares in battle!

The only two definite problems I see are the possibility of a Special Sweeper coming in, or worse, such a sweeper that resists Night Slash or Shadow Claw. Known Normal-type Special Sweepers like Porygon-Z, Blissey and Togekiss will basically render the Shadow Claw form of Slaking to be useless. If not though, it'll probably KO anything that it faces.


MUSCLE MONKEY (Physical Sweeper):


(Use this to deal with Flying, Dragon, and Ground-types.)

(High Critical Hit-Ratio, and gives coverage to Psychic and Ghost-types.)

(Your reliable STAB. Truant makes you skip a turn anyway, so you may as well have your STAB have a base Power of 225!)


RECOMMENDED ITEM: Muscle Band / Choice Band / Leftovers

A very nice Physical Sweeper set, if I do say so myself! It gives fair coverage against the game's biggest threats, such as Garchomp and the other 600 Dragons, Skarmory, Forettress, Blissey (Duh), and even against Tyranitar and Hippowdon!

Nothing to say about it, really. It's just your typical Physical Sweeper set that actually fares very well.


MENTAL MONKEY (Special Sweeper Set):

ICY WIND (Hits the 600 Dragons, Flying, and Ground-types hard. It also works well in Double Battles, and lowers the opponent's Speed Stat, in case the opponent is faster, and is hindering your Sweeping.)

FOCUS BLAST (Low Accuracy, but it hits Rock, Steel, and Normal-types hard, and therefore, gets the game's major walls and stalls out of the way very quickly.)

SHADOW BALL (Hits Ghosts and Psychics hard, who are able to annoy Slaking, hinder its sweeping, and abuse the hell out of its low Special Defense. The Passive Special Defense loss for the opponent only helps your Sweeping.)

WATER PULSE (Low Base Power, like with Icy Wind, but it has a chance of confusing the opponent, along with it being your only Water-type option. There may be an alternative that you like better, though, so take a look around!)


Leftovers / Wise Glasses

This set is okay. I mean, Slaking only attack every second turn, and for me, if I were using it, I''d want to use that cherished turn to its full potential...Special Sweeping is not Slaking's full potential. If you want to make a "Fun" team though, then this is the "fun" set for you.



FIRE PUNCH / FLAMETHROWER (For coverage against Steel, Grass, Ice, and Bug-types. Scizor, Skarmory and Forretress are doomed! The chance of burning is useful!)
THUNDERPUNCH / THUNDERBOLT (Best for hitting Water and Flying-types. The chance of paralysis is nice!)
ICE PUNCH / ICE BEAM (Hits Ground, Dragon, Flying, and Grass-types hard. Very useful! The chance of Freezing is a winner when it happens!)
GIGA IMPACT / HYPER BEAM / FOCUS ENERGY / SLACK OFF (Incredibly powerful attack, and because Truant, Slaking's got nothing to lose by using it! Since Hyper Beam and Giga Impact give no coverage, Focus Energy or Slack Off are there for support, if that's what you'd rather.)

RECOMMENDED NATURE: Adamant (Physically-based) / Modest (Specially-based) / Hardy / Bashful / Quirky / Serious / Docile (these four are for mixed Slaking. Ensures no stat gets left behind!)

RECOMMENDED ITEM: Leftovers (with no Slack Off) / Life Orb (With Slack Off)

Of course, there is flaws. No huge ones, but no set is perfect. This set gives you coverage against 100% of all Pokemon, and Super-Effective Coverage against about 75%, so it's pretty promising. The fact that this set works for Physically or Specially Inclined Slaking is good too!

Personally, the easiest set sounds like the elemental punches paired with Slack Off. Gives great coverage, along with survivability. Pick your poison. Either way, this makes an efficient set!


There is no recommended ability, seeing as you're stuck with the only ability that Slaking has (Which, by the way, is the only thing holding it back from being Uber-Tiered). Like I said, I've never used Slaking, but the two best-looking sets are the Physical Sweeper and Stall sets. Physical Sweeping, with a 160 Base Attack, although only utilized every second turn, is still nice, and isn't much of a hindrance if you decide you want to stick Slack Off in their somewhere. The Stall Set is just great, and even covers opponents that resist Toxic (Except for the aforementioned counters I listed).


Slaking is a fearsome beast if you aren't prepared, and can't retaliate during the free turns it gives you. Pokemon that are slower than it are also screwed. Taking a Giga Impact from a Slaking, without it resisting, is basically impossible, so make sure you have Sky-High Defense (And I mean SHUCKLE STANDARDS) if you plan on taking a Giga Impact for neutral damage.

Slaking is favored in Double Battles, where it can get support from its partner, and can even utilize a complicated maneuver to SKILL SWAP the opponent your ability. The maneuver can take as many as four turns in order to make it pay off, but if you can pull that off, then you've pretty well won the battle.

On its own, it's still good, but make sure you take future events into consideration, seeing as you're a sitting duck every second turn.



(ON ITS OWN) - 7/10 (74%)

(IN A DOUBLE BATTLE) - 9/10 (86%)


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