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July 17, 2010



Whiscash is a Water/Ground-type Pokémon, who's design was based off of a mythical Japanese creature called Namazun, which was a giant catfish who was said to cause massive earthquake at the bottom of the sea. Whiscash, being based on a destructive, whiskered monster, has a lot to live up to, and surprisingly, it does fare...okay, in battle.

It may not be good enough to be nicknamed after Namazun, but it works as a decent wall, due to a high HP stat. Other than that though, it won't be doing much without super effective hits, or really strong STAB. That being said, an in-game set looks very similar to a competitive set, and just so you know, that's not exactly a good thing...


HP - 110 (High)
78 (Below Average)
73 (Below Average)
76 (Below Average)

71 (Below Average)

60 (Below Average)

468 (below Average)


Whiscash boasts a great typing, but its average stats and typical movepool is where it falls short. Whatever attacks you'd expect from a water-type and a ground-type are both included in its movepool, but basically, that's ALL you'll find. It does learn some interesting Egg Moves (Spark and Dragon Dance? On a dopey-looking catfish?! YES PLEASE.) And with this mostly typical movepool, Whiscash can run a Balanced, in-game style set, a mixed sweeper set, and a stall/wall set. From personal testing, the in-game set is, surprisingly, the most useful choice, but the other two sets are by no means bad. Anyway, let's take a look at the balanced set:

(Powerful STAB, with great coverage! A staple for any set on Whiscash.)
(Paired with Earthquake, this gives perfect coverage toward EVERY Pokémon.)
(Used to give Return and Earthquake a little more punch, but Attack loss is nice!)
(Use this as a physical attack if you're fighting something that resists earthquake, and has too much Special Defense and HP for Ice Beam to handle. Basically a last resort. The STAB is nice, too!)

This moveset allows Whiscash to balance out the board by having a natural advantage over the opponent, right from the beginning. In the way it walls, it really is just a wannabe Swampert or Quagsire, but it still gets the job done nicely.


WHISKER MIXER (Physical Sweeper set):

EARTHQUAKE (Your staple. Why wouldn't you want this on Whiscash?)
SPARK (Used to counter other waters that try to attack you. Especially useful against the "clever" Pelipper and Mantine, who resist both of Whiscash's STAB's. Boy, are they in for a "shock!" ...Lame pun, I know.)
WATERFALL (Gives strong STAB and coverage against other ground-types. The chance of flinching makes it better!)
DRAGON DANCE (Use this brand-new Egg Move to raise your physical sweeping potential.)

Ahhh, I LOVE this set on Whiscash. Nobody will ever expect that Whiscash to be packing Dragon Dance OR Spark. Not to mention that Dragon Dance can max out Whiscash's Attack and Speed, reach a base 156 Attack Stat, and a plausible 120 Base Speed Stat. This means that this Whiscash could actually compete with an unboostsed Salamence, which is pretty impressive for an NU Pokemon.


DISTRACT-CASH (Wall/Stall Set):

REST (With Sleep Talk, and a monstrous HP pool, Rest is fairly usuable!)
SLEEP TALK (Use this to attack in your sleep!)
EARTHQUAKE (STAB, Strong, etc. etc.)
WATERFALL (Blah, blah, blah...)

A basic stall set with Rest and Sleep Talk, paired with dual STAB. With the loads of HP on Whiscah, it actually fares pretty well! Not much more to say about this set. I mean, it's pretty straightforward.


All of these sets recommend the use of Leftovers for a hold item, Anticipation for an ability, and a Brave Nature.

Whiscash is an okay Pokemon. However, it belongs where it was placed: NU. It's a good Pokemon there, mostly because it has a good bulk... for a bad Pokemon choice. Whiscash works best with the Physcial Sweeper set. It boosts Whiscash to a good point, and with its bulk, it actually has time to set up and sweep.


5/10 (47%)

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