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September 19, 2010



Jaroda is quite the slick-looking Pokémon. It's got a cool, regal look, it's a serpent, and it just looks awesome. There was a small controversy yesterday, regarding its stats (they were spread HORRIBLY), but it turns out the Speed and the Special stats, got mixed up (According to many source sites, ALL of the starters had some stat mix-ups).

Anyway, we've got it all sorted out now, so judging Jaroda is safe now. It's got a very useful stat distribution, and is quite unusual as a starter. It's got very Solid Defense, Special Defense, and Speed, but average HP, Attack, and Special Attack. Uncommon for a starter, right? Weird, but incredibly useful! With those dominant Defenses, it can stand up to the common weaknesses, like Bug, Flying, and Poison. However, the overflow of tough-looking Fire-types in the new generation isn't very good for poor Jaroda.

I'm sure it's going to do fine in the Metagame. It's basically a more versatile Sceptile, so I'm guessing BL will be its tier.


HP - 75 (Average)
ATTACK - 75 (Average)
DEFENSE - 95 (Above Average)
SPECIAL ATTACK - 75 (Below Average)
SPECIAL DEFENSE - 95 (Above Average)
SPEED - 113 (High)

TOTAL - 528 (Above Average)


Serperior's learnset is pretty different from other Grass starter's. It gets access to cool attacks like Growth, Giga Drain, Wring Out, Gastro Acid, and the all-new attack, called Grass Mixer. Serperior can even set up Dual Screens! This cool movepool is incredibly shallow, though...

Here's a fun in-game set for Serperior:

GIGA DRAIN (Works well with Serperior's Speed and good Defensive stat)

GROWTH (A nice, easy buff for Grass-types. Gen V Growth ALSO gives Attack AND Special Attack boosts!)

WRING OUT (A great attack that easy cut a foe down from the beginning)

LEAF BLADE / SLAM (If your foe is a Special wall, then use these to turn tables)

Of course, Serperior can do more than this. From what I can see, it can three other sets: A Dual-Screener set, a Special Sweeper, and a Sub-Seeder set, which will probably become its Metagame staple.

DEFENSIVE-DIPLOID (Dual-Screener set):

REFLECT (One screen)

LIGHT SCREEN (Two screens!)

WRAP (You may as well deal a little bit of damage each turn, if you get the chance)

LEAF STORM (No other Special-Based attacks. May as well, right?)



RECOMMENDED EV SPREAD: / 252 Special Attack / 248 Speed / 8 HP /

A pretty efficient Dual Screener set, if you ask me. 410 Special Attack and 378 Speed is incredible enough, but with access to Dual Screens, passive damage, and an immensely power STAB attack is not only Defensively-inclined, but offensively as well. The only thing that would destroy the offensive spectrum of this strategy would be a Ghost-type like Mismagius, Dusknoir, and Sableye. Drifblim, Gengar, and Shanderaa would wall this even better, because of very good offensive stats and Super-effective STAB attacks.

Still, against the average neutral enemy, this set can defend your team AND hit hard, probably KO'ing at least ONE foe.

PUNISHMENT SERPENTINE (Special Sweeper set):

GRASS MIXER / GIGA DRAIN / ENERGY BALL (A pretty cool attack. Base 65 power, hits all enemies in Doubles / Triples, and has a chance of reducing Accuracy. Giga Drain is pretty good too. The power boost to 75 makes it much more attractive, as well. Finally, Energy Ball is still gonna be a great choice for a potent Grass-type STAB)

WRING OUT (A good Special-Based move that is best used for an opener)

GROWTH (A simple buff, but is effective to use with Serperior's fair bulk)

STRENGTH / DRAGON TAIL / HIDDEN POWER (ROCK) (Yes, you're gonna come across that target with high Special Defense that will attempt to wall you. Use Strength for Neutral coverage, or Dragon Tail if you're into phasing)



RECOMMENDED EV SPREAD: / 252 Special Attack / 248 Speed / 8 Attack/HP /

A fairly mediocre Special Sweeper set. As you can see, I actually had to resort to Hidden Power / Physical alternatives. Poor Serperior is cursed with a limited Special movepool. This is the best you can do, though.

Wring Out is the Saving Grace for this set, because opening with this attack can knock down most opponents 60%. Then you just sweep with your STAB Grass-type attack or the alternative. Use Growth if you feel you may need to take a turn or two to set up.

VENOMOUS VILLAIN (Sub-Seeder set):

LEECH SEED (Use this with Substitute for great synergy. You may force switches, so beware)

SUBSTITUTE (TM90, under my greatest education, is still gonna be Substitute. Use this with Leech Seed for a great combination of damage and healing)

GIGA DRAIN (Use this for even more healing. It's recommended, to keep that HP nice and green!)

LEAF BLADE / RETURN (Leaf Blade is for Physical STAB and High Critical-Hit ratio, or Strength for a more neutral approach)



RECOMMENDED EV SPREAD: / 252 HP / 248 Special Attack / 8 Attack/Speed /

This is the most convincing set. It almost exactly copies OU Sceptile, but the difference is huge: It has some form of bulk. With this bulk in Defense, more HP, more Special Attack, and only being outclassed slightly in Special Defense, it is a statistically better Sub-Seeder than Sceptile will ever be.

Use Leech Seed on the opponent. With the Big Root attached, you'll be healing a lot of HP. Next turn, set up a Substitute. This substitute will last pretty long with that extra bulk and Leech Seed. You won't be getting hurt that much, trust me. Now you can heal yourself more with Giga Drain. Again, with the Big Root, you'll probably HEAL away all of that Substitute damage in one Giga Drain. If the opponent is a Special Wall, then knock it down with Leaf Blade / Return.

This is a very efficient set, and promotes survivability. Use it wisely.


LEAF STORM (All-Out Power + Perversity = the ultimate attack)

WRING OUT (Use this to cut the difference down on enemies who resist Leaf Storm)

WRAP (Trap the opponent, so they can't escape)

HIDDEN POWER [ROCK] (Use this as a counter to all of your weaknesses. After a Leaf Storm, you'll be able to counter basically every advantageous foe)



RECOMMENDED EV SPREAD: / 252 Special Attack / 248 Speed / 8 HP /

For those of you who thought thatSerperior was just some pussy-footed Defender, get ready to be WRONG. This is Serperior's Muscler set, and this set is no pushover. This is a set derived form Serperior's Dream World ability, Perversity. This is an ability that reverses the flow of how stats change. If you use Hone Claws with Perversity, your Attack and Accuracy would DROP, rather than RISE. See where this is going?

With Leaf Storm, you get a very powerful STAB move, plus a sharp Special Attack Boost. Don't worry, you read it right. See? Even bold-faced it for you! Yes, this means that this excessively powerful attack gets even STRONGER as you use it.

Wring Out can put bulky foes into Leaf Storm range, and HP [Rock] can take care of any potential counter. This is the greatest starter-based moveset I've ever seen, and I'm proud / confident to call this Grass Snake SURPERIOR (See what I did there?) to all other starters (except maybe, Speed Boost Blaziken). =)



Serperior sounds like it'll be a welcomed addition to BL/OU. It overshadows Sceptile in all elements (Boohoo, fanboys. Serperior misses out on 7 Base points. BIG DEAL), It's got bulk and power at the same time, and I'm glad to see that it doesn't suck anymore. Have to wrap this up quickly. Got a party to go to.


9/10 (87%)

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